Who we are and what we do

We are a scouting, development and management company. Our goal is to discover talent, maximize their potential and introduce them to their career options in the international world of modeling. We intend to educate and guide personally and individually. We do not charge any fees, but we do ask for commitment. Our investment is our experience, knowledge and time. Our skill is to see the diamond in the rough and polish it into a gem.

Who is Trudi Tapscott?

"Trudi Tapscott is one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and trusted names in the modeling industry. I have worked closely with her during her tenures at VOGUE, ELITE, and DNA, and she is known for her sharp eye, keen business sense, and exceptional ability to spot, develop, and promote talent. Trudi understands all aspects of this world, from commercial to editorial and can help a model pinpoint her best path to success, whether that is on the high fashion runways of Europe or in American catalog and television work. Teen Vogue is very excited to work with Trudi in her newest endeavor scouting for fresh faces throughout America -- we are relying on her to find us the next young superstars!"

Amy Astley – Editor in Chief, Teen Vogue

"I have relied on Trudi's sound judgment and advice for years. She has always protected my interests and fought in my corner."

Stella Tennant – Model with Dna Model Management

"One of the many reasons why Trudi is a great agent is that she is very caring and supportive not only in the good times but also during tough times."

Raquel Zimmermann – Model with Dna Model Management

"From the moment I started working in New York, I was in Trudi's hands. I feel so lucky she was the one to be involved in every step of my career since then. Her decisions were motivated by her years of experience and what was the best for me. We were more than a model and an agent as we became (and still are) very good friends. I was so comfortable to ask her ANYTHING! And to talk about everything. She made me feel important and protected; Trudi would bring the wall down for me! And we had so much fun and we laughed and laughed. I still have Trudi as my friend and I miss her so much as my agent. I am jealous of the girls that have the opportunity to work with her now."

Edita Vilkeviciute - Model with Dna Model Management and Viva Model Management


"Trudi Tapscott was an invaluable guide and because of her respectful and insightful candor, I was able to understand the business of modeling."

Emily Sandberg - Model, Writer and Creator of http://www.supermodelblogger.com/

"Trudi's past professional experiences, first as the director of the New Faces division of Elite New York, responsibilities that encompassed scouting and development, then as the Model Editor of Vogue Magazine, a very prestigious and challenging position, and most recently as a senior manager at Dna Model Management, gives her one of the most in depth and thorough comprehensions of what a model's career entails.

Trudi's passion always lied in being part of the entire journey of a model's career, her protectiveness and caution when approaching the key decisions of a very young talent are the byproducts of the broad perspective she acquired over the years on how to successfully manage a career, fighting the short term battles in order to achieve the long-term goals one aspires to meet."

David Bonnouvrier – President, Dna Model Management

"Great scouts are few and far between in this business. And one of my mentors, Trudi Tapscott, is truly one of the best. In a crowd of many hopefuls, she can instantly see the potential in a girl; in fact, she's picked many girls out that walk for the top designers in New York and Paris. You take her scouting abilities and combine it with her caring, protective nature -- That's what sets Tapscott apart from them all."

Elmer Olsen – Owner, Elmer Olsen Models

"During my many years in this business, Trudi has been a colleague, a client and a competitor. We have always had a mutual respect and admiration. Next Model Management and myself look forward to working with Trudi and her scouting venture. Based on her past experience, we are fairly certain she will produce some great faces for us to consider as Next Models."

Joel Wilkenfeld – President, Next Model Management

"Miss Trudi Tap "Scout" and with that you get truth, honesty and how to do it? Where to go? What to do? And if you have what it takes to be a top model? "Trudi Tapscott" is the one with the answers. She has worked for some of the leading modeling agencies in the world, not to mention (well we should mention) one of the top fashion magazines, American Vogue, as the model bookings editor and has launched many careers in the right direction with the right information. So girls, don't take it personal but watch, read, listen and learn, as modeling is not for everyone but Trudi Tapscott is, if you want to be guided in the right direction."

J. Alexander
Runway Coach, Author and Judge on America's Next Top Model

"We are so happy to start working with you again and are very excited by your new project. You have always had a great eye and we are sure that you will find amazing new girls like you always did. It's always been a pleasure to work with you and your girls. Your experience in finding, developing and managing talents had a successful outcome so we really look forward to a new collaboration."

Marzia Bava and Why Not Model Management – Milan, Italy

"I was fortunate to work with Trudi Tapscott, when Trudi was the bookings editor at American Vogue. When Trudi believed in a girl her enthusiasm was boundless. Very few people in our business take the time or expend the energy that is required to cultivate a young model from a potential talent into an exceptional model. Trudi takes that time, expends the energy and makes things happen, that’s what made Trudi exceptional in this business."

Chris Gay - President, Marilyns

"Having known and worked with Trudi Tapscott for over a decade, with clients ranging from GAP, DKNY, Bottega Venetta - I can say in all honesty that she has an incredible eye for discovering new fresh faces. From years of experience as a model agent, I believe she has accrued many pearls of wisdom regarding modeling and the fashion industry in general, and this knowledge is extremely beneficial for guiding new faces toward the goal of becoming successful fashion models. Trudi is a dedicated professional, and has always been honest and enjoyable to work with. Her experience and connections will be a beneficial asset to anyone looking to pursue a career in modeling."

Anita Bitton – Casting Director, THE ESTABLISHMENT

"I wish Trudi could have been present in my life when I started modeling. Her approach to the business is very real, honest and healthy. She became a good friend I could trust, which is gold in this industry. Her priorities are in the girls' well being. She has many years of experience in all areas of the fashion industry and is very respected amongst clients, photographers, models and the people I've worked with. But most importantly, Trudi always has time to listen, talk, understand and give advice. I miss her as my agent but I know she found something she is truly passionate about... finding girls with great potential, educating them about the industry and guiding them along the way. It is something she has done for me for many years, making me see what I can do and helping me understand my place in the business. On top of that, to me Trudi is a unique and incredibly strong woman with whom I have shared more laughter than anyone in this business. I can honestly say that you are in great hands when you're with Trudi."

Elise Crombez – Model with Dna Model Management

"I was Fashion Director of VOGUE Magazine when Trudi was hired to book models for the magazine’s fashion shoots. She had the daunting task of continually finding the editors new models that fit the very stringent Vogue criteria. Trudi’s ability to find the diamond in the rough – the girl that could be a Vogue model – was incredible. So many models that graced the pages of VOGUE during her time there are now faces and names the general public recognize. She is a master at discovering new faces and is respected throughout the industry because of this rare talent."

Paul Cavaco – Creative Director, Allure Magazine

"It really is something spectacular to work with and be inspired by the trend-makers and the world’s greatest creatives in the fashion industry. It is an all at once awe-inspiring, humbling (at times maddening), but ultimately rewarding experience that I have had to be Bookings Editor at American Vogue. I have especially loved working with Trudi (who held same position before me), not only for her wealth of experience, but for her appreciation of having experienced life on both sides of the industry. She understands the politics while still being a voice for these young women. I look forward to working with her on more editorials and building a new crop of girls into the faces of what will be the future of fashion."

Valerie Boster – Bookings Editor of American Vogue

"Having known and worked with Trudi Tapscott for the past nine years, I can say with complete confidence that Trudi's ability to scout and develop talent is exceptional. With an extensive background, from editorial to talent management, I have always deeply respected Trudi's perspective and opinions regarding the fashion and modeling industries. Anyone working with Trudi would absolutely benefit from her astute navigation of the industry, both on a professional and personal level. I love Trudi like the desert loves the rain!"

Siobhan Bonnouvrier – Fashion Editor, Allure Magazine

"I have known Trudi Tapscott for over 20 years and she is literally an icon in the modeling industry. A true professional. Elite Europe is proud to call her a partner."

Michaela Goddard-Quesada
International Director of Scouting and President, Elite Model Look for Elite World

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